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CoinHits works using a pay-per-day system, but not just a normal one. People can bid against each other to get the highest impression time. When you have no bidders or active ads on your site, we will display Network Pool Ads as possible, to keep your site earning up almost all the time!

How does it work? As an advertiser you will bid against each other for a share in the adspace. The higher the bid the greater share of the ad space you will receive. As a publisher you set up an adspace on your website. You can choose the minimum bid amount for each ad space.

Publishers can collect Site’s Earned Balance once they reach the minimum 0.0001 BTC. collected balance from each site will be trnsferred to Account Balance. You will get your payment sent to your bitcoin wallet address automatically within 5 minutes after your request.

in General, Low total bids has %50 chance to appear. High bids has %95 chance to appear. You can setup 4 ads as default on your site by this trik : You bid on your site for 0.0001 BTC (it will return to your site balance and fees is only %10 / 0.00001 BTC daily). These cheap ads will has chance to appear %50 if you have 4 x0.0001 Ads or less. And %50 will display Network Ads Pool.


Company Name:CoinHits

Payment Frequency:Instant

Country:United States

Payment Method:Bitcoin

Minimum Payment:฿0.001

Site Info:Alexa Whois StatsCrop

Commission Type:Pay Per Day