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It is simple to use CoinMedia system. It is based on CPM model. Advertiser needs to create a banner (or some different banners) and add it to CoinMedia system. If Advertiser is singular (only one) he will have all views/clicks from the ad-slot. If there is more orders for the same ad-slot, he receives the relevant portion of view. Advertiser can choose several websites to place the same ad banner. There are list of category to choose among.

Publishers: Your earning depends on different factors. Main ones are: amount of traffic, quality of content and positioning of ad-slots. Ads located on the header will generate more clicks than ads inside. All your earnings will be automatically calculated and added to your general balance amount. First you fill up the form for creating new ad-slot (button: Add sites). Then copy created ad-tag and paste it to your website HTML code. Your ad will be shown immediately. Do not modify ad-tag in any way as it could stop working properly and you will lose potential earnings. You can create as many ad-slots for one website, as you wish.

Advertisers: Your total cost is based on publisher price per 1000 views. The decision where to place your ad is made by you. You can cancel or stop your ad anytime if unhappy with the results or increase it to get more clicks if you see it is working well. Placing ad is very easy. Just create attractive banner, choose right category and one or more website. Always check CTR, CPM stats. Tip: sometimes smaller and cheaper website will give you better value than large and popular website.

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BitTeaser – advertising crypto network

Bit Teaser_logo

BitTeaser – advertising crypto network; simple, fast growing, easy to use and very affordable way to promote your business idea/project through online advertising, with two payment currencies – USD and Bitcoin

We offer banner/teaser advertising. BitTeaser, the exciting new crypto ads service, is set to disrupt the paid web advertising space. The initiative acts as bridge that connects advertisers to web sites who will host their adverts, in much the same way that Google’s AdSense programme works. Although it leverages cryptocurrency technology and is focused on crypto businesses and projects, BitTeaser is designed to appeal to a wide range of sectors, including Technology, Investing, Finance, Business News, Entertainment, and Gambling.

We concentrate on quality over quantity, and aiming to achieve both. Clicks from rogue sources such as proxy servers, anonymizers, botnets, websites that pay customers for viewing ads, web crawlers etc are rejected and are not paid.

How it works:

The webmaster/publisher reserves space on the target website and is given a snippet of code that displays and rotates adverts automatically. Publishers cannot choose to display specific ads, only the overall topic and type of block or banner displayed. The advertiser deposits bitcoin to their account. Once the campaign has been approved by an administrator, adverts are displayed on the publisher’s site and the publisher is paid per click. Cryptocurrencies are stored securely and no hot wallets are used.

The advantages:

There are a number of benefits to using BitTeaser and cryptocurrency over competitors’ services:

  • BitTeaser offers the highest percentage of revenues per click;
  • Banners are fully customisable and can be any size;
  • Ultra-fast registration and deposit – get started almost instantly;
  • New option: prices, deposits and withdrawals can be now in USD;
  • Earn on writing ( get clicks from banners in the article);
  • The fully international service enables publishers who would not otherwise have easy access to bitcoin to earn cryptocurrency revenues;
  • Efficiency of cryptocurrency means minimum withdrawal is just 0.1 BTC (around $25);
  • Anonymous payments (optional).

Any crypto can be used through a partnership with Danish exchange CCEDK and instant exchange service CCPAYT.

CCEDK’s instant order option allows you to exchange bitcoins to USD or EUR. These can also be spent using the nanocard, a debit card that converts crypto balances to fiat from an exchange account in real time, as featured on Forbes – meaning there’s every reason to stay with BitTeaser for the long term.

You can withdraw your payment any time you want by special request through your balance panel.

Our major interests: Bitcoin and other crypto, Technology, Investing, Finance, Business News, Currencies, Entertainment, Gambling.



Company Name:BitTeaser

Payment Frequency:Daily (After Request)

Country:United States

Payment Method: 

Minimum Payment:฿0.1

Site Info:Alexa Whois StatsCrop

Commission Type:CPC, CPM

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Bit Media-logo

BitMedia is an advertising platform, which is created within Bitcoin-network (community). This is a niche area, which allows resource owners of Bitcoin-subjects to buy and sell thematic traffic. Why BitMedia? It’s quite simple – we are the best in this field. Our team has years of experience in online advertising

What sites are allowed to place advertisements? Websites connected to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, autoredirects and other trash are banned immediately.

If my website is not related to Bitcoin, but it is very good, will you accept it? Such cases are considered individually. We will approve your website if it has a good, lively audience and the topic of your project suits us. You will be paid for each valid click. We pay for every click on our advertisement. Payment is conducted in Bitcoins.

We use internal and external anti-fraud systems, traffic is processed a few of times. Prior to viewing, during the viewing and after the click. Every click is processed automatically and many clicks are selectively tested manually by our experts. In which cases I receive a refund for bad clicks? In the case if our system of traffic automatic analysis or administrator identifies fraud – we write off money form the publisher and return them on your account.

Proof of Payment

BitMedia Proof of Payment


Company Name: BitMedia
Payment Frequency: Instant (After Request)
Country: United States
Payment Method:
Minimum Payment: Ƀ0.01
Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Commission Type: CPC


Coin Hits_logo

CoinHits works using a pay-per-day system, but not just a normal one. People can bid against each other to get the highest impression time. When you have no bidders or active ads on your site, we will display Network Pool Ads as possible, to keep your site earning up almost all the time!

How does it work? As an advertiser you will bid against each other for a share in the adspace. The higher the bid the greater share of the ad space you will receive. As a publisher you set up an adspace on your website. You can choose the minimum bid amount for each ad space.

Publishers can collect Site’s Earned Balance once they reach the minimum 0.0001 BTC. collected balance from each site will be trnsferred to Account Balance. You will get your payment sent to your bitcoin wallet address automatically within 5 minutes after your request.

in General, Low total bids has %50 chance to appear. High bids has %95 chance to appear. You can setup 4 ads as default on your site by this trik : You bid on your site for 0.0001 BTC (it will return to your site balance and fees is only %10 / 0.00001 BTC daily). These cheap ads will has chance to appear %50 if you have 4 x0.0001 Ads or less. And %50 will display Network Ads Pool.


Company Name:CoinHits

Payment Frequency:Instant

Country:United States

Payment Method:Bitcoin

Minimum Payment:฿0.001

Site Info:Alexa Whois StatsCrop

Commission Type:Pay Per Day

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7BitPartners is an affiliate program for 7BitCasino and Mars.Casino. These world-known brands include 10 top game providers, various payment methods including Bitcoin.

Our marketing team is truly motivated to deliver maximum revenues for you. Various tools and approaches will be implemented to achieve best conversion and retention of your traffic.

Your earnings are payed within 1-3 first days of the month. All major payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Netteler, BTC are available for you.

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Glowmobi Affiliates Network | Advertising Network mission is to create and maintain a CPA based affiliate network by recruiting affiliates, both existing and new, and supporting them technically and practically in their marketing campaigns to drive quality converting traffic to our advertisers websites to earn sales commissions. It is our intention to build Glowmobi Affiliates Network | Advertising Network into a global affiliate network promoting a wide range of quality offers from recognized advertisers through our affiliates around the world.

Founded in 2012, we have worked to ensure that the offers on our network reflect a wide choice of the biggest brands within the affiliate industry. More importantly, we have negotiated some of the highest commissions available and will continue to push for the best CPA deals possible for our affiliates whilst adding new advertisers and verticals as our network grows.

Join now to become a part of the Glowmobi Affiliates Network | Advertising Network community and start benefitting from our extensive support network to build your affiliate marketing business.

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pop ads_logo

PopAds the new breed. Now it’s your chance to experience an ad network that pays well and takes good care of its members. Join us now and start bringing top quality visitors to your website as an advertiser or simply become a publisher and monetize your website’s traffic with high quality ads which appear as popunders. Our services are guaranteed to be fast, efficient and secure. There is no other ad network on the market that processes payment requests daily for publishers and there is no ad network on the market that can promote your website as efficient as we do for advertisers.

PopAds can offer you highly targeted premium Popunder ads. We are the highest and fastest paying ad network on the market specialized in popunders. You can set your minimum bid, you can choose to serve popunders with autoplaying sound and video ads or you can choose to serve additional popups / popunders. You can also set your popunder frequency to best suit your website’s interests. All of these settings, if tweaked nicely, will result in higher earnings for your. It is also worth to mention that we have a “you earned whatever you see”, which means no chargebacks!

Set your budget, target your visitors, control your rates are just few of your high quality advantages of becoming a PopAds advertiser. We will do our best to serve our advertisers as good as possible. However, in case a campaign does not work out for you as expected, you can request a refund of the unspent amount of money in your account. Whenever you’re logging into your PopAds Panel, your connection is going to be encrypted by SSL. It’s just like when you’re logging in to your bank account!

Proof of Payment

Proof of Payment PopAds

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Achieve your dream today with the help of AdsLegend!

With a platform of our own, a robust engine and a great team, we are ready to take on any challenge you throw at us. Great results without frustration – that’s the key to success, as far as we are concerned, and that what we are striving for every day. Our success is down to our performance – not the backing of some giant corporation. With us, you can be sure that your ad will find just the right user!

Digital advertising technology is a necessity that demands from you to develop the wide range of practical skills needed to operate in the digital marketing and digital advertising fields. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! We, at AdsLegend, will take care of the tech side of things for you. We take pride in the professionalism of our tech team and pay close attention to the latest trends and developments in our field. As a result, we can guarantee that the tech will work for you – not the other way around. We’ll make your business experience smooth and easy!

Every day, our infrastructure services help digital advertising technology companies improve analysis and targeting of their audiences, enhance auction efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

Trust us to take care of all your problems; sit back and enjoy the greatest traffic on the market!


Company Name: AdsLegend
Payment Frequency: NET30
Country: Hong Kong
Payment Method: PayPal  ePayments Wire
Minimum Payment: $30
Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Commission Type: CPC, CPMPPCPOP

Ad7tone Network

Ad7tone Network is a performance based display and mobile ad network. We understand our clients needs for quality targeting and Maximum ROI and our publishers demand for high rates and 100% traffic monetization.

Using our experience, advanced analysis and optimization tools and direct relations with our partners, we insure that every Ad impression will have the best value for both the client and the publisher.


Company Name: Ad7tone Network
Payment Frequency: On Request
Country: Ukraine
Payment Method: PayPal  Wire
Minimum Payment: $100
Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Commission Type: CPM